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How to choose hardware stamping press

    Metal stamping parts in the blanking process, from the slider below to the mold block above the accuracy and other precision of the workpiece has an impact on accuracy. The most important issue: (1) the verticality of punch and die, that is, the upper and lower die concentric. (2) elastic buffer, the load becomes zero at the end of punching, because the deformation energy of the press makes the convex die suddenly inserted into the concave die. In the high precision blanking, the deformation of the delta is important, should be prevented or restricted to a minimum. To this end, the press must ensure that the static high precision. In particular, the C - shaped frame press is easy to appear on the center line of the upper and lower die due to the opening deformation. --- the influence of the press on the metal stamping parts

    In drawing, drawing on many occasions, variable thin pull deep processing, when the sheet enters the concave corner of the die, sheet only down the convex molding into the die, punch rarely into crushed to death, and its processing pressure is smaller than the nominal pressure of the bottom dead center, because drawing force is in the middle of the slider stroke to bottom dead center, this section of the continuous action, so influence of rigidity of the press to the workpiece is very small. The uneven thickness of the parts and other defects, such as protruding ears, are mainly affected by the structure, size and finishing degree of stamping die. If punch also through the guide into the concave die, press verticality better, there is little influence on the precision of workpiece, so the general use of B2 press will be able to meet the requirements. - the effect of drawing parts

    In the process of bending forming, the influence of the static precision of the press is small, but the rigidity of the press has a certain influence on the part. For the springback error control in the smallest range, die upsetting die, bending correction is a good way, but caught between the punch and die thickness exist fluctuations in a certain range, and due to tensile strength and other mechanical properties also vary, so the bending force sometimes may be several times the required minimum pressure to press the die casting parts precision of the elastic distortion. Influence of bending forming parts. Metal stamping parts


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